HeyrexVet for Veterinarians

Wearable Technology specifically for Veterinary Professionals to track patients.

HeyrexVet is a wearable monitor designed specifically for veterinarians to track a patient's recovery from surgery, response to medication, and to detect changes associated with the early signs of illness and disease.

HeyrexVet offers use-case based solutions to help resolve challenges experienced by veterinary professionals in the course of their daily practice. Modules include monitoring Cage Rest, Exercise and Food Plans, a Compliance Journal and Daily Activity and Behaviour Summaries.

HeyrexVet collects data from animals by utilizing wireless technology. HeyrexVet then analyses and presents the data to vets via an online service that can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smart phone, anywhere in the world.

 HeyrexVet is a premium service for use in short-term therapeutic or long-term monitoring, for post-operative and preventative animal health management.

HeyrexVet acts as a monitoring and feedback tool throughout the treatment and recovery process.  You forecast and then accurately track response to treatment, whilst increasing pet owner compliance and generating new revenues for your hospital. 

HeyrexVet has been developed to notify you when required, so that you can get on with more important duties like diagnosis and treatment.

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Heyrex for Veterinarians
Wearable technology designed specifically for veterinary professionals to track their patients.
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